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Modern Learning Environments

Posted on 22 February 2015

We have all been talking about Modern Learning Environments (MLE). Here are some thoughts taken from the Ministry of Education Website, Core education and Ed Talks. I found these inspiring. I hope they promote discussion and reflection.

old school

Modern Learning Environment (MLE)

What is a modern learning environment?

A modern learning environment can be described as physical, social and pedagogical (teaching knowledge) context in which learning is intended to occur.

The use of the word modern implies characteristics that are contemporary or ‘fit for purpose in the current time’ Thus, a modern learning environment is one that reflects and supports what is current in terms of pedagogical practice.(teaching and learning practice.

Modern learning environment is one that can evolve and adapt as educational practices evolve and change – thus remaining modern and future focused.

The majority of our school buildings were built between the 1950’s and 1970’s

         Schools then:

        Everyone learnt

  • the same thing                                 

  • in the same place

  • in the same way

  • at the same time

  • from the same person

       Schools now:

  • Extensive research has proven that students learn best when they are:

  • actively involved in decision making

  • initiating learning

  • collaborating together

  • making connections within and across learning areas

      Check out these cool modern designs

cool outdoor area





Now have a look at all these ideas on Ed Talks



Ideas to mull over 

Research shows that working in a modern learning style is more effective that the styles talked about  in the "schools then."

What can we do right now to ensure our tamariki get the very best opportunities to enhance their learning?

What can we do now to support our own teaching and learning into the future?

What will  our first step be?

What do we need to do to create environments that not only suit the needs of our children now, but evolve to meet their future needs?




Comment by Richelle McDonald on 24 February 2015 9:14 AM:

It is refreshing to see Stonefields school talk about the concept of Modern learning from a teaching and learning perspective as well as a physical space perspective in their video. Meeting the learning needs of the students has to be number one priority. I love the idea of spaces too and would have loved a performance space when I was in the classroom! (as seen in the Hingaia video)
It is exciting to be starting our journey into MLE and I think our first step is to look at a variety of schools before we develop something that suits Taupo Primary School.

Comment by Cushla Seamer on 26 February 2015 5:12 PM:

I agree Richelle. I will be looking for lots of models and listening to staff feedback. Can't wait to have a read of your blog

Comment by Mrs Fullwood on 27 February 2015 6:04 PM:

Yes, it will be great to see how other schools are adopting the approach to MLE's

Comment by Cynthia McCarthy on 6 March 2015 3:51 PM:

I found Karen Grey's talk "Modern Learning in any Environment" really interesting as she also highlights the fact that MLE's are far more than the physical space. It is about teaching and learning and the students being able to articulate what it is they are learning and why they are learning it.

Comment by Melissa Climo on 13 March 2015 5:22 PM:

Lily and I are reading the blogs and she thinks painting the school in rainbow colours would be AWESOME!!

Comment by Cushla Seamer on 22 March 2015 1:55 PM:

It's interesting how the rainbow, the bright colours and the spaces all give out energy and positive vibes. In my view environment does have an impact on learning; even if indirectly through the kind of mood it creates

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