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21st Century Skills

Posted on 22 March 2015

In the last blog we had a look at the physical features of modern learning environments. This clip looks at the 21st century skills. What do we and our children need as we move into an unchartered future21st

21st Century skills in this YouTube clip are described as creativity, critical thinking, media literacy, communication, collaboration and information. I must admit to feeling a little comforted when a saw the picture of a pile of books.

The list of skills is very much in line with my thinking. In addition I would add relationship skills, how we look after each other, listen to each other and give importance to other peoples ideas are important in whatever century we live.

What do you think about the list of skills?

How do you think Taupo Primary School is succeeding in helping students to develop skills for their future?

What could we do better?
How could our families and our community help us to do better?


Comment by Cynthia on 23 March 2015 4:51 PM:

While I was watching the clip I was thinking that this is an updated version of the key competencies. I also was pleased to see the books!!

Comment by Victoria Fullwood on 23 March 2015 8:46 PM:

I agree children need all these skills, communication and oral language skills can get misplaced in a digital focused society and are sadly skills that children starting school are lacking.

Comment by Janice Potts on 24 March 2015 8:55 AM:

I agree, a good set of skills to have to enable our young people to move forward. I think communication is the most important (Orally and written). Also the skills such as accountability, responsibility and ownership.

Comment by Cushla Seamer on 24 March 2015 5:52 PM:

Thanks for the comments. At Taupo Primary School we have maintained a lot of social, cultural and physical activities. My dream is that through those activities we help all young people realise their goals.
The enthusiasm of our team makes this all so real and possible. I am thankful for such a giving selfless staff

Comment by the mystery writer on 30 March 2015 8:05 PM:

miss semmer im back

Comment by Cushla Seamer on 3 April 2015 2:05 PM:

I am glad you are back. What do you think about the skills in the video clip

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