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Re-imagining Learning in the 21st Century

Posted on 31 May 2015

Buildings are changing to support learning in the 21st Century. How is our thinking changing to support learning in the 21st Century?

Re-imagining Learning in the 21st Century.



Mimi Ito – anthropologist and informatics professor at the Macarthur Institute, California University discusses how we can re-imagine learning for our 21st Century learnings

Here are some of the thoughts I took from listening to this clip and some that follow;

  1. We need to love change and our kids need to love change…being fearless in a changing world. Teachers and leaders need to demonstrate this.

  2. Allowing students curiosity to explore, helping them to use it; we should be facilitating this not capturing it or forming it in ways that are safe for us.

  3. Children are not born consuming media; however they live consuming media. Consuming media is a powerful part of learning.

  4. Skills and learning are not just honed for the workforce; learning must support student to become instigators and creators in their own right.  

  5. Informal learning and formal learning blend together. Learning in the environment important and powerful. How can we bring Home, School and Community together in our learning?

Core shifts in re-imagining learning

  1. A shift from thinking about education to thinking about learning.

  2. A shift from consumption of information to participation and product

  3. A shift from thinking about institutions to thinking about networks

     Watch the clip below





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