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Posted on 3 August 2015

Korowai: Our Korowai represents our values, and the key competencies that we want our students to take away (to wrap around them) as they leave our school in year 6.



The key competencies and values are on the back of the report and represented on the korowai with a feather for each competency achieved. We believe that all students can achieve all of the values and key competencies and  will leave Taupo Primary School with the korowai covered in feathers. The feathers will be made from heavier paper and attached to the korowai as the student achieves each competency and value.

 A rubric with the values and key competencies is available in the foyer or you can refer to it on your child's report (on the back page).

For parents, children, and teachers

What are your thoughts about the korowai?  Do you like it? Do you have other ideas to add?




Comment by Mrs Potts on 23 August 2015 4:59 PM:

Love it. Is it going to be 'real' as in made of fabric?

Comment by ajat on 2 September 2015 12:53 PM:

cool miss semer

Comment by Mrs S on 6 September 2015 2:44 PM:

Hi there Mrs Potts
No it is not going to be made of fabric but will be on a card and feathers attached for each competency gained.
I would love each child to have a fabric korowai, I have not got around the logistics for that yer. I am sure that we will one day though!

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