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Teaching and Learning in a Modern Learning Environment

Posted on 6 September 2015

The u tube clip explores how "mindset" can impact on learning.

The Power of Yet!

In recent posts I have included images of colourful, flexible and exciting learning environments. These beautiful spaces are certainly something we would want for Taupo Primary School. Indeed if you look around our school now you can see strong efforts being made to utilise rooms for better learning opportunities. The use of a variety of furniture is evident and teachers are working diligently to maximise learning opportunities for our students.

More and more as we move through our discussions we understand environment is important; but not as important as the teaching and learning that takes place in that environment.  Which leads us to many questions;

What will we teach?

How will we know what to teach?

How will we teach what we teach?

 How will we create environments to reflect what we believe about teaching and learning?

How will we include student voice in what we teach?

How will students and teachers learn?

Given that we are teaching for a future that we cannot predict....its the how we learn, how we develop mindsets open to learning that is a most compelling issue for us, Watch the video below from Professor Carol Dweck, and see how the mindset factor...the power of "yet" is a vital component of our thinking as we go about setting up Modern Learning Environments.  Make sure you skip the advertisement. Its very boring.



For me, our ability to support students to see difficulty as an opportunity to learn is a moral obligation. To praise wisely, takes a little more thought than the glib words that sometimes fall off our tongue. (And yes I am guilty of that).  Not meaning too but in too much of a hurry to get to the next issue.

Our discussions as educators need to focus on the how...more and more we must guide students to understand that they can learn, they can overcome challenges and they have the power to increase their own abilities. AND SO DO WE AS ADULTS!


Comment by Lisa Pellowe on 11 September 2015 3:42 PM:

I really enjoyed reading your blog and listening to the video clip. This all ties in nicely with what I have been reading for the leadership course. The importance of praising people for their efforts, perseverance and improvement rather than the task they completed is very important in helping give people the confidence to keep persisting, and not give up knowing that we have faith in their abilities. I think this "not yet" idea is a great way of modelling this growth mindset: showing our children that they haven't yet, but that we believe and know that they will. Everyone needs to face challenges, this is how we learn. We all need to develop a growth mindset to help us learn and face the challenges of a future we cannot predict.

Comment by Cushla Seamer on 14 September 2015 6:03 PM:

Agreed. It is like that for all of us. Our world is so changing,some things come easily and some are more challenging. A growth mindset means we never give up, we are pleased with our own effort and willing to try again and work smarter.

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