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Maker Culture

Posted on 18 October 2015

Kim Barrs from Taupaki School excites us as she talks about the Maker Culture, and name for the process of teachers and students working together to collaboratively problem solve.

 Maker Culture

In the holidays I joined a challenge called Ed blog, I did pretty well, but dipped out in the last week. I’ll use the phrase from my last blog, I have "not yet” achieved the standards I want of myself. I will though!

One of the educators I came across whilst blogging was Kim Barrs; talking about a maker culture. So exciting and so relevant to inquiry, flexible learning practice and collaboration. The power of this message is so strong, I do hope all our parents, teachers and students watch the You tube clip. The current theme at Taupo Primary is enterprise….this is so relevant and important. A compelling invitation for all of us to give students ownership of their learning; to take the lid off learning and set up an environment where our children can fly.

Words and phrases jump out like


Engagement      Potential    Scary   Authentic  Student Control   

Passion   Big, crazy, complex ideas,  

Flying by the seat of your pants!

 Watch the clip. I am inspired by this







Comment by Cynthia on 20 October 2015 5:10 PM:

Wow!! I thought I was moving along quite nicely with technology but this is a never ending journey of learning! How exciting.

Comment by Sue F on 20 October 2015 5:11 PM:

I really enjoyed the clip and her enthusiasm. I love the theory behind Maker - where the students do learning by doing it in an authentic context. Where you take the learning away from being solely teacher centred to child centred. This gives students more control over their learning. It is a way of using the students strengths and the teachers strengths. The teacher is in the facilitator role. Teachers don't need to know everything. The projects don't have to be big. Start small with something the students are passionate about.

Comment by Cushla on 20 October 2015 5:34 PM:

I agree; a never ending story and that's how learning has been through the ages. What appeals particularly is the student engagement and ownership.

Comment by Cushla Seamer on 20 October 2015 5:37 PM:

Yes, its as forward thinking as the children are. I love the acceptance of ideas; crazy is good. The students driving the learning and doing what is going to be expected of them in employment means that the school is seriously supporting them into their future.

Comment by Liz on 21 October 2015 4:20 PM:

Maker encourages the Kiwi DIY, the young inventor, the practical problem solver.It gives our learners hands on ways to discover new things.
Scary though- we need to have lots of resources (budgets?) , be flexible, expect the unexpected, let go of control (but still be in control!).Teachers have to multi task even more,We need to keep upskilling and be aware of the technologies out there

Comment by Cushla on 22 October 2015 8:18 AM:

Great points Liz and very timely as we plan budgets and sort the schematic. I think Kim's last words are important. " Try something" Start small.
I think we will support each other well; and enjoy this time.

Comment by Richelle on 22 October 2015 8:33 AM:

I am so excited that some of our staff are getting excited about innovative learning practices...let's get more on the 'train' by spreading our enthusiasm!

Comment by Cushla on 25 October 2015 12:18 PM:

What about a budget for a kit or two for classrooms and you and i have one for superskills! That would be really exciting as we let our kids explore hidden talents and skills

Comment by JHY ROOM 7 on 22 February 2016 12:25 PM:


Comment by JHY on 22 February 2016 12:28 PM:

Lovely mrs semer that must of been a fun .

Comment by JHY on 22 February 2016 12:28 PM:

Lovely mrs semer that must of been a fun .

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