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Posted on 29 February 2016

The Board Chair, Julie, and I met with our Project Manager and I met with our Project Manager and a Ministry of Education Regional Property Advisor last week. We discussed the redevelopment of C Block, B Block, Room 4 and Room 7 and possibly other areas of the school. The conversion of our classrooms into innovative learning spaces is becoming a reality. Whilst these developments take time to evolve we are definitely on our way!

Our first consideration is a change in our mindset and the way we teach. We are mindful of the advantages of working collaboratively.  Students have more choice about how they learn, where they learn and ultimately greater ownership and responsibility for their learning. Teachers work together collaboratively, sharing and developing strengths, supporting each other’s professional growth. Students are responsive and engaged.

Our second consideration is that our spaces match our vision. According to Core Education there are eight key physical elements that contribute to a building that is comfortable and supports learning.

They are:


Air Quality


Healthy and Safe






In the YouTube clip below three Christchurch schools share their experience and views about the change of traditional classrooms to flexible learning spaces.  You can hear teachers, students, principals and parents all talking about their view of the process. You will really enjoy watching this.

I have added a website link which tells you about research and how good spaces enable good education outcomes.

For our school I am planning to find ways to engage parents, teachers and students in conversations about how we move forward. I look forward to strong engagement with our community and our teaching team.






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