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Growth Mindset for Kids

Posted on 13 March 2016

Growth Mindset is about being able to grow our minds; and so develop skills and talents that we have not used before.






My thoughts about Growth Mindset.

 I would love to hear from our team ,particularly our students what growth mindset means for them. 

To me it’s a little bit like the call to "never give up!” ….and more.

It’s making a concentrated effort to learn from our mistakes.

It’s having the courage to face areas that we try to avoid because we are scared.

It’s knowing yourself and challenging yourself to do better.

Its small stuff and big stuff. 

Areas where I want my brain to grown and my confidence to improve include

-Tikanga and Te Reo. I know with effort I can become more fluent and knowledgeable.

-Digital Learning. I need to make sure that I am keeping up with the game and that I can lead our school through rapid periods of change.

-And a very funny one:  I want to be better at knitting so my grandchildren in Scotland have neat homemade warm clothing.

So I have identified a few things. I would love to hear from our children at Taupo Primary School what areas you are thinking about for your growth mindset. Send me a response and start a conversation with me. It will help me get to know what our school and our children need.





Now that you have read the pictures and watched the u tube clip share how you think you could make your mind grow and do things that you find difficult. I look forward to your response


Comment by hamish on 13 March 2016 7:52 PM:

this is what mrs dumble says

Comment by Cain on 14 March 2016 12:37 PM:

Cool Mrs Seamer

Comment by Mrs Seamer on 22 March 2016 9:44 AM:

Thank you for those comments you two. Yes Mrs Dumble does believe in a growth mindset. I hoe you do

Comment by paepae on 29 March 2016 8:36 AM:

love it mrs seamer

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