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Innovative Learning at Tāupo Primary School- an update

Posted on 5 February 2017

We have spent two years learning about ILE. Now we commi. Here is our current thinking, and the moves we have most recently made.

 On call back day this  year 27th January we spent some time in a lively discussion about our shared understanding of what an innovative environment is. In our thinking we steered away from the environment; the building so to speak,  and worked to develop a concise statement about what our pedagogy, (education theory) meant. Importantly all the teachers and the management team agree with this statement.

ILE and Collaboration at Taupo Primary School is…


Students, teachers, whanau and the wider community have flexibility, choice and support through improved time, space and resource management. The purpose of Innovative learning environments and collaborative teaching and learning is to enhance outcomes for all.



Then we decided to check our thinking against what the Ministry of Education says about Innovative Learning environments. Here is the statement from the MOE.

"An innovative environment is one that is capable of evolving and adapting as educational practices evolve and change - thus remaining future focused." 

 We are confident at Tāupo Primary School that we are working steadily towards achieving a  highly successful ILE.

 Developments to date include:

- A play based programme where students and teachers work collaboratively to develop oral language skills and readiness for learning.

- the consolidation of the work done in Room 9 where 50 students engage with each other and two teachers for very successful learning outcomes

-an opening between Room four and five, and Room 18 and 17 so that teachers and students can use the spaces more fluently and to put into practice aspects of ILE.

-the planning of an open classroom area for three classes, which will be complete some time this year.

As we move through the year other initiatives will align with our schemes, such as the improved delivery of Te Reo Māori throughout the school. Watch this space and don't forget to give us feedback. Make sure you ask questions and make us justify our thoughts. I look forward to your responses on this blog.


old classroom 

Where do you think the most learning is happening? Why? 


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