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Innovative Learning Environment- How

Posted on 19 February 2017

This utube clip gives glimpses of how a school in Yorkshire implemented Innovative learning.



This statement which appeared in my last blog is the shared understanding of Taupo Primary School teachers about what an innovative learning environment is. As we move closer toward actually having a purpose built space it becomes really important to consider how we will implement innovative learning. 


"Students, teachers, whanau and the wider community have flexibility, choice and support through improved time, space and resource management. The purpose of Innovative learning environments and collaborative teaching and learning is to enhance outcomes for all."

  The clip below shows how Jane Huscroft and her team implemented learning at a school in Yorkshire. Jane describes the learning as lively and exciting, with children always involved in practical investigative activity. Watch short video below and reflect:


 How much are the students enjoying learning?

Are they more engaged than in a conventional classroom?

Is this getting close to the dream that we want for our children?

What does the dream school for your children look like?

What outcomes do you want for your children at Taupo Primary School? 

What would be the first steps we take to achieving this vision?

 There are some fine examples of practice at Taupo Primary School that has elements of this learning. How can we further drive our programming to achieve programmes that fully engage our students?

I look forward to your responses. 


Comment by Cynthia on 22 February 2017 2:05 PM:

I think the first steps would be to teach the children the necessary skills required to enable them to manage their own learning.
Steep learning curve or gradual transition?
I would still prefer to have regular break times (from a teachers point of view) but it would be interesting to know what the children think and how it is managed.

Comment by Charlotte.R- Councillor on 27 February 2017 4:14 PM:

Are they more engaged than in a conventional classroom? yes I think they are,it looks like there having lots of fun but still learning.

Comment by Gabrielle Donald PB4L on 27 February 2017 8:07 PM:

I think this is a great idea for learning

Comment by Aiden west councilor on 1 March 2017 3:41 PM:

{Is this getting closer to our kids dream school?} The answer is yes yes it is.

Comment by Cushla Seamer on 5 March 2017 7:55 AM:

Thank youMrs McCarthy, Charlotte, Gabrielle and Aiden.
Do we need to listhe skills so that our students are self managed learners?
I think that the students will learn by doing so when they are in this environment they are actually being self managers.
This is getting closer Aiden and when I get copies of the plans from teh project team i will shere them with you. Glad you like the way teh rooms run Gabby,I do too. It makes me very excited.
Thanks for your comment Charlotted, you are so right. We all learn when we are having fun.
I am thinking about my own learning as a leader....I'll share my thoughts abuot that with you when I get my thoughts around that.
So pleased to get feedback. Thank you

Comment by Charlotte E- councillor on 6 March 2017 8:34 AM:

I think that they are more engaged in there learning.and I would love to try out that new learning program

Comment by Jaime-Lee on 6 March 2017 2:02 PM:

I think this is A really good idea to make kids engaged with their learning and could get kids closer to their teachers.

Comment by CharlotteB (PB4L) on 6 March 2017 3:42 PM:

(How much are students enjoying learning) They seem engaged in there learning and they know what to and when to do it.

Comment by Xanthia E-Councillor on 6 March 2017 3:54 PM:

How much are the students enjoying learning? I think the students are really enjoy their learning because some classes are using more computer work and learning more about technology and having fun but still learning.

Comment by Bella Shaw Councillor on 13 March 2017 2:05 PM:

I think this is a excellent idea for students learning.And that the students will be engaged in their learning.

Comment by Nia T PB4L monitor on 16 March 2017 4:13 PM:

I thing this is a good idea for learning

Comment by Cushla Seamer on 19 March 2017 11:33 AM:

Thank you so much for your comments.I really appreciate the feedback. Just like you, I want to keep learning and continuously improve my leadership. I agree with you the students are engaged in learning. We are looking forward to creating a STEAM environment in our new building - S for Science T for Technology E for engineering A for Arts ad M for Mathematics. It will provide fantastic opportunities for our students. I look forward to all your thoughts as we move forward.

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