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Posted on 16 June 2014

Excellence is one of the key values at Taupo Primary School. Look at this clip of the 2012 Olympics to see many people who practise excellence.

                                      2012 Olympics

We have high expectations for all Taupo Primary School Learning Community members – parents, whanau, students, and staff.


We are dedicated and enthusiastic, we work hard at our learning.


We always do our best in whatever we are doing; we never give up.


We are always reflecting and thinking about how we can improve in all aspects of our day.


We  celebrate successes


We are continually learn and practice new skills. 


We know that we can achieve excellence with the support of a team.


We keep aiming to be better and better.





Comment by Janice Bowman on 18 June 2014 9:01 PM:

Wow! Mrs Seamer! You are getting good at putting those videos onto your blog. Great clip and yes we do need to keep aiming to get better.

Comment by Mrs Hunter on 2 July 2014 8:23 PM:

This video is inspiring and is a great link to one of our key values of excellence!

Comment by Mrs Potts on 27 July 2014 6:22 PM:

Inspire the next generation. That's our job too :-)

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