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Posted on 31 January 2017

 Hi everyone. Welcome back to a new and exciting 2017 school year.

I look forward to working with you and your child so together we can make the very most out of their learning journey. My focus is one where the children ‘know what to do when they don’t know what to do’, produce quality work, show evidence of understanding and meeting the learning outcomes, show improvement, can talk about their learning and understand their next steps.                                                                 

We follow the Taupo Primary Behavior Management Plan and all students are expected to follow the school rule; At Taupo Primary School we respect ourselves, others and the environment. We understand what is required to ‘live our life above the line’ and this also guides behaviour in Room 19.

Homework: This will be through Mathletics and it will include activities in the areas of numeracy that we focus on at TPS. There will also be the Reading Eggs programme available and this includes spelling words. 

Throughout the year your child will participate in a variety of Physical Education

Activities. If your child is unwell and can’t participate in our PE programme please drop me a note, email or text. It is always a good idea to have ‘PE suitable’ clothing and shoes in your child’s bag.

Please remember that I operate an Open Door Policy and that your child’s learning is a partnership between home and school.   Call in at any time or phone/text me (02209404342) or email: JaniceP@Taupoprimary.school.nz

 Many thanks

Janice Potts





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