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Literacy at Taupo Primary School

Rationalisation in Literacy:

At Taupo Primary School we are committed to educating students to be effective and confident communicators, critical thinkers who have a passion for literacy and who are prepared for a life time of learning. All students will work towards achieving at or above National Standard.

Our priorities are to:

  • Integrate literacy across the curriculum
  • Make connections between oral, written and visual forms of language
  • Ensure that formative practice is embedded in literacy
  • Integrate inquiry into literacy
  • Students will read, respond to and think critically about a variety of text
  • Classroom reading programmes should be developed and operating within the initial stages of the school year
  • Engage students in daily instructional teaching
  • Provide appropriate and stimulating models and texts
  • Use digital media
  • Provide the opportunity for students to participate in daily home reading
  • Encourage class visits to the Taupo Library 
  • Engage students in competent spelling and phonics programmes
  • Teach children according to their needs
  • Ensure target students are identified, monitored and appropriate support programmes are in place if required
  • Literacy programmes are carefully planned according to all students needs
  • Ensure the key competencies are embedded throughout our literacy practice
  • Standardised and formal assessments will be used to inform future planning, teaching and learning
  • Provide all teachers with professional development, teaching materials and coaching opportunities to inform their practice