Taupo Primary School - Hooked on Learning


The New Zealand Curriculum

Rationalisation in Inquiry
& Integrated Curriculum

At Taupo Primary School students will be engaged through relevant, authentic and challenging
content, covering science, social studies and technology curriculum areas, preparing them for a life time of learning.

Our priorities are for students to:
  • Wonder and make connections to the local and global environment.
  • Investigate, understand, and explain the natural and physical world. (Science)
  • Become confident in using a variety of means to address needs and opportunities and to solve practical problems in society using technology. (Technology)
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of people & their interactions with each other and their environments today and in the past. (Social Studies)
  • Use the skills of inquiry to—ask relevant questions; search, sift, sort and synthesise information; create, present and share their knowledge; plan an action; reflecting on their learning throughout the process. (See ‘HOOK' inquiry model)

School Ownership

At Taupo Primary the students will :
  • Learn through authentic contexts in a localised and personalised way.
  • Engage in learning that is meaningful to them and involve the community in their learning.
  • Have some say in the direction that the learning takes.
  • Develop a range of transferable skills that they need to become successful learners.
  • Use inquiry skills to find answers to their questions and develop understanding.
  • Use thinking tools to organize ideas and create solutions.
  • Develop skills to find information, how to learn and how they learn best.