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Health and Physical Education at Taupo Primary School


At Taupo Primary School we are committed to empowering students, to develop the knowledge, understandings, skills, and attitudes they need in order to maintain and enhance their personal well-being/ hauora and physical development.


Students will participate in regular skill-based physical activities.
Students will develop motor skills, coordination, knowledge and understandings about movement, and develop positive attitudes towards physical activity and its importance to physical health and well-being.

Students will develop understandings, skills and attitudes that enhance their interactions and relationships with others and develop resilience and a sense of personal and social responsibility.
Students will contribute to healthy communities and environments by taking responsible and critical action to promote personal, inter-personal and societal well-being.

School Ownership
At Taupo Primary the Health and Physical Education curriculum will be interpreted to suit our student's needs and interests by choosing programmes that are relevant, culturally inclusive and skill based.

Priority will be given to contexts of learning that have importance in the lives of students, their families and the community.

Community Engagement

At Taupo Primary School we actively promote whanau to support and participate with students at school, at home, and in the community to value the significance of the benefits of physical activities, team spirit and their personal well-being for themselves and those around them.

The Health and Physical Education curriculum empowers all students to achieve personal excellence. Students are valued for their unique contributions.

At Taupo Primary
School we will ensure that the key competencies are incorporated so that they are an integral part of all learning experiences.