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A huge congratulations to all our children who competed in the Inter-school swimming competition on Wednesday 10th December. We placed in most events, came 3rd overall and were the runners up for the Sportsmanship Award. Behaviour was exceptional and we had many comments from other adults there acknowledging this. Congratulations also to Opal who is the Year 6 Bombing Champ! 

Our mixed relay team Sam, Kamryn, Anastasia, Tyla, Helena and Ngaheke also placed 2nd.

Kamryn            1st Year 4 Girls 25m Backstroke

                           1st Year 4 Girls 25m Breaststroke

                           1st Year 4 Girls 25m Freestyle

                           1st Individual Medley

Tyla                     2nd Year 5 Girls 25m Breaststroke

                            1st Year 5 Girls 25m Butterfly

                            1st Year 5 Girls 50m Freestyle

                            1st Year 5 Girls 50m Backstroke

                            3rd 100m Individual Medley

Helena              3rd Year 6 Girls 50m Breaststroke

                           3rd Year 6 Girls 50m Freestyle

                           2nd Individual Medley

Ngaheke          2nd Year 6 Boys 50m Breaststroke

                           1st Year 6 Boys 50m Freestyle

                           1st Year 6 Boys 50m Backstroke

                                Individual Medley