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Comment by Taine Hakiwai on 9 April 2014 3:52 PM:

I love this new website!! It is awesome and the ePortfolios.

Comment by Cade staniland on 15 May 2014 4:31 PM:

I really like the new website it's very easy to use

Comment by Amy heijdenrijk on 15 May 2014 5:27 PM:

I had fun finding Wally.

Comment by Tracey Liddell on 15 May 2014 7:56 PM:

Love the new website. Very easy to navigate and lots of useful info and links! Cant wait to see the e-portfolios and the blogs take shape :)!

Comment by Mikayla Macmurchy on 15 May 2014 8:41 PM:

I like the ePortfolios, where we get to put our work on the website and to share our work with our friends and family.

Comment by wil yeoman on 16 May 2014 7:14 PM:

Asome web site love it !!!!!

Comment by Holly Yeoman on 18 May 2014 6:42 PM:

l Love the new website! A very cool idea!
Thank you Mr McDonald for all your hard work to make us an awesome school website.

Comment by Kirsty Darvill on 19 May 2014 7:27 PM:

Wow! Awesome website - so much information and so easy to find our way around. Ella loved finding Wally and we have explored every page as a result!

Comment by Liam Keegan on 20 May 2014 9:28 AM:

Love the new website looks very profeshional well done.

Comment by morgan corble on 5 June 2014 7:13 PM:

I like the school, everybody is cool who goes to Taupo Primary School wow

Comment by jayden connor on 11 June 2014 5:42 PM:

I like the new website

Comment by Sherrin on 7 February 2015 3:01 PM:

I would like to make a suggestion, that each classroom could possibly have a bar fridge or small fridge for kids to be able to keep their food in their lunch boxes cold and bacteria free, which in turn gives us parents' more of a choice when packing a lunch box, to be able to include such things as chicken wraps, luncheon and ham sandwiches. Many thanks!!

Comment by Cushla seamer on 3 March 2015 10:42 AM:

Nice idea, I will discuss it with the teachers and community forum

Comment by Catripona Eagles on 30 June 2015 7:43 PM:

Congratulations to Room 15 for excellent videos of the week. We very much like the addition of the lost property segment as we found a missing hat the other day. Well done and keep it up.

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