Taupo Primary School - Hooked on Learning


Hello. My name is Sue Forsyth.

I work as a Reading Recovery teacher and SENCO (Special Education Needs Coordinator).

I work closely with a variety of families throughout the school helping the  class teacher and the family meet the student's individual needs. This includes  children with ADHD; Autism; Dyslexia and other learning disabilities- including  speech and physical disabilities. I am always happy to talk with parents who are
concerned about whether their child is having difficulty learning because he or  she shows evidence of one of these learning issues.

We are very lucky to have lots of extra programmes throughout the school in  all curriculum areas. Our aim is to provide suitable programmes for the  children that support the regular class programme. Throughout the year we review  assessment results to check that we have the children on the right programme, 
put new children onto the programmes where necessary, or take children off when  they have reached the required level. These programme are run by Teachers or Trained Teacher Aides.

The programmes we offer include Rainbow Reading; Lexia Computer Reading  Programme; Multi Lit; Reading Recovery; Pause, Praise, Prompt-PPP; English  Second Language Programme (ESL); Literacy Booster Groups;  Numeracy Booster  Groups.


Rainbow Reading Programme: 

A reading programme using Levelled books with audio support (CD's and Tapes).  It helps readers to become more confident and competent in their reading. It has  books to cater for reluctant readers (especially boys!). Each story has a specially recorded CD or Tape to provide support for the reader. The students  also complete a variety of follow-up activities. The children complete this  programme in their classroom.
Rainbow Reading operates in the Middle and Senior syndicates.

Lexia Computer Reading Programme.

Lexia helps students acquire and improve essential reading skills. It helps  students build their word knowledge and reading skills at their  individually-suited skill level. Students build their phonemic awareness- giving  them the ability to distinguish and manipulate sounds in spoken and written  language. 
The programme operates throughout the school.

Multi Lit Reading Programme (Making up lost time in Literacy):

Multi Lit caters for students who need to further develop their basic skills  in reading. It provides intensive, systematic reading instruction. The learning  of sight words and word attack skills is reinforced by the supported readding of  small texts.
Multi Lit operates in the Middle and Senior syndicates.

Reading Recovery:

A specialised Literacy programme for 6 year olds. The students work on a one  to one basis with a Reading Recovery trained teacher. Daily 30 minute lessons  are individually designed to meet the students needs in letter recognition; reading and writing. We have 2 teachers working in our school.

Pause, Praise, Prompt (PPP):

An individual reading programme. The tutor is trained to support the reader,  encouraging independence. The tutor's prompts are specifically designed to  encourage the student to use appropriate word attack skills and to look at the  word in context. The tutor praises the student for making useful attempts, and  for getting it right.
PPP operates throughout the school.

English Second Language (ESL) :

A structured programme has been developed to provide students from a variety  of different cultures the opportunity to develop their knowledge of English. The  students are grouped according to their individual needs not age. The tutor  encourages the children to celebrate their own culture wherever possible.

Literacy Booster Groups:

This programme provides extra support for students in Year One and Two. The  lessons vary according to the needs of each group. The activities may include  phonics; letter identification; word attack skills; guided reading and writing.

Numeracy Booster Groups:

Lessons vary according to the needs of each group and follow a similar format to the maths programme taught in the classroom, meaning the students are getting a "double dose" of numeracy.
Numeracy Booster groups operate in the Senior and Middle Syndicates.