Taupo Primary School - Hooked on Learning

Catriona Eagles

General Information

Originally from Taranaki, I love living in Taupo with my
family. My association with Taupo Primary started
when Olivia started 5 years ago and then Kate 2 years
later. Day to day I work at Cheal Consultants as a
resource management planner. What I love about our
community and town is the warm welcome that we give
our new families, the involvement so many have in
voluntary organisations, and the amazing outdoors we
live amongst, even if it is freezing out there at the
moment. I love hiking, kayaking, roasting
marshmallows, mountain biking and helping at school
outings. I hope to see you around school, town, or
supermarket. Say hi as I would love to meet you and
hear your thoughts about our school.