Taupo Primary School - Hooked on Learning

New Books:

We are lucky to have a steady stream of good quality books coming into our library. The children are often asked to contribute to the selection of books we purchase and their needs are always taken into account when making purchases. 
Micheal Morpurgo Display

 Last weeks display included works by Michael Morpurgo which many of the students enjoy. He is a prolific author which is just as well as the demand for his books in our library is high!
Next week we will be featuring Enid Blyton who is enjoying somewhat of a comeback after many of her books are being re-published. Many parents and grandparents will enjoy looking back at these books and remember reading them as children. I know I have!

We are quite excited to be introducing a new flat screen to our library in the very near future. It will be used for displays, photos, DVDs, meetings, books trailers, displaying children's work and presentations of many kinds. Watch this space!!