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Taupo Primary School Enrolment Scheme

In accordance with the Ministry of Education Guidelines, Taupo Primary School is a zoned school. All students over the age of five who permanently reside in the school zone have automatic right to attend Taupo Primary School. The school’s enrolment scheme has been established in association with the Ministry of Education in order to limit the size of the school’s roll and avoid overcrowding.

In Zone Enrolment

For all pre-enrolment enquiries please contact the school office either in person, by phone (07 378 4389) or email (office@taupoprimary.school.nz).

Enrolment Scheme Area Description

January 2016

The Taupo Primary School enrolment scheme area zone extends from town to the intersection of Poihipi Road and Tukairangi Road.

At the intersection of Poihipi and SH1(b), head north briefly to meet up at Huka Falls Road, following this road along to where the boundary ends at the start of Reids Farm and includes all residential areas south of Reids Farm that are bordered by SH1(b) ie: Wairakei Drive, Huka Heights, Clearwater Lane, Ferndale etc., Rangatira Park and River Glen that are then bordered by the Waikato River.

In an imaginary fashion, cross the Waikato River to include the residential area north of Spa Road that borders the Waikato River. Include the Taupo central township area from the Waikato River Bridge (along Redoubt Street and Ferry Road) along Lake Terrace to the intersection with Kaimanawa Street (corner by the Fire Station).

The zone excludes the areas east of Kaimanawa Street and northwest of the intersection of Mapara Road and Tukairangi Road. On Mapara Road the zone includes Kaiapo Road but excludes 466 Mapara Road.

Note all roads mentioned include both sides of the road