Taupo Primary School - Hooked on Learning

Bright Beginners


Bright Beginners is a programme that runs for three weeks prior to your child starting school.   It is held each Thursday from 9 - 10 am.  Parents/carers are required to attend the sessions or alternatively send another adult with your child on their visit day. 

The Bright Beginners programme is designed to:

  • help your child become familiar with Taupo Primary School
  • for your child to get to know what is expected at school 
  • to help us get to know your child and you 
  • for your child to get to know the New Entrant teacher 
  • to help you get to know other children and families who have also enrolled to start at Taupo Primary at the same time.

At Bright Beginners your child will:

  • take part in early reading and number knowledge learning activities  
  • get to take a some home learning each week 
  • play games, solve puzzles and read big books.


Getting Ready for School

We encourage children to come to school with the following social and academic skills: 

  • To cooperate and communicate effectively. 
  • Put on and take of their shoes and clothes.  
  • Toilet themselves. 
  • Blow their nose. 
  • Look after belongings 
  • Take turns 
  • Hold a pencil correctly 


  • Know the letters in their name and be able to write their name. 
  • Know the lower case letters of the alphabet. 
  • Count to forwards to 10 and recognise numbers to 10. 
  • Have skills in cutting, gluing and colouring.