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Reading Together

At Taupo Primary School we run a Reading Together programme.
Reading Together is a research based workshop programme for parents, children, and teachers. It helps parents to support their children's reading at home more effectively.
The programme also supports children's affective and social development, and enhances relationships between children and parents, parents and teachers, and families and librarians.
Reading together consists of 4 workshops for parents which are led by teachers and supported by community librarians. Workshop numbers do not exceed 15 adults, and the duration of each workshop is 1 hour 15 minutes.
At Taupo Primary School we usually run this programme with the provision of food and a crèche.  


What People have said about Reading Together...

"My daughter enjoyed coming to the workshop and has taken more of an interest in reading."
"We found it good as a family time where we could all participate."
"He seems happier. He is really starting to enjoy reading."
"It has helped with patience and understanding in other activities."